Understanding Stress in Relation to Nutrition

Author Karabakkal, Hasan.
Title Understanding Stress in Relation to Nutrition
Imprint 2015
Summary Stress is a widely used term in our daily lives. Stress, both as a noun and a verb, can refer to a comprehensive set of meanings. Some of the very common usages are pressure or tension, a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or demanding situations, body’s method of reacting to a challenge (Oxford Dictionary). Stress is defined as “a process in which environmental demands tax or exceed the adaptive capacity of an organism, resulting in psychological and biological changes that may place persons at risk for disease” (Cohen, Kessler, & Gordon, 1997, p. 3).This definition relieves stress of being a general rubric for somehow related research areas. First, it suggests a process model rather than a static causal relationship of stimulus and outcome. Second, it refers to environmental, biological, and psychological domains which help researchers integrate previous studies. Additionally, the concept of imbalance between environmental demands and personal capacity implies person-situation interaction.
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