TÜSSİDE was suggested by State Planing Organization (DPT) in order to create University and industry cooperation in 1971. Base of the facilities were begun to be laid in 1975 and institute regulation was published on Official Gazette in 1980. While valuable names like Sakıp Sabancı, Vehbi Koç, Nejat Eczacıbaşı from private sector participated in the establishment of the institute, Minister of Finance Adnan Kahveci, Chairman of TOBB Ali Çoşkun from public administration and Sabahattin Zaim gave great support from academical society.

In 1980's, when consultancy and educational companies were not widespread, TÜSSİDE established with the partnership of MEB and TÜBİTAK, organized many trainings in order to improve the competences of both public and private sector managers and by this way, met an important requirement of our country.

After the economical crisis in 2000's, there was a need of management guidance. In this term, TÜSSİDE began to execute institution special long run projects  in direction of establishing institutional management system in public.

After 2004, with the development of R&D culture and resources in our country, requirement for R&D activities in management came to the fore. In direction of this requirement, focus on R&D studies increased and TÜSSİDE became an institute directly connected to TÜBİTAK.

Today in TÜSSİDE, R&D content Research, Design, Consultancy and Training projects are conducted in management science field.

In Chronological Order

1971: TÜSSİDE suggested by DPT.

1975: Laying the foundation of TÜSSİDE Facilities

1980: Institute Regulation to be published on Official Gazette

1985: First institute manager to be assigned

2000: Reconstruction after earthquake

2004: Leaving MEB and becoming a R&D Institute directly connected to TÜBİTAK

First Executive Board

  • Certified Engineer Hasan ERİŞKON

First Institute and CEO

  • Prof. Dr. Mustafa GEDİKTAŞ

(İ.T.Ü. Business administration Engineer Faculty Dean)

  • Prof. Dr. Akın ILKIN

(İ.Ü. Economy Faculty Dean and Vice Rector)

  • Prof. Dr. Necmi TANYOLAÇ

(B.Ü. Lecturer)

  • Certified Engineer Yılmaz AYMAN

(General Manager of SEGEM)

  • Prof. Dr. Sabahattin ZAİM

(İ.Ü. Economy Faculty Lecturer

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. İlhan SEZGİN

(Ministry of National Education Deputy Undersecretary Of Technical Education)

  • Prof. Dr. Orhan ALSAÇ

(TÜBİTAK Construction Research Institute Manager)

  • Certified Engineer Okay ÇAKIROĞLU

(TÜBİTAK  General Secretary Technical Assistant)

  • Dr. Engineer Şahap KOCATOPÇU

(Politician-Business Man)

  • Prof. Dr. Orhan ALSAÇ

(Chairman of TÜSİAD)

  • Dr. Ertan YÜLEK

(State Planing Organization Deputy Assistant)

First Advisory Board

  • Vehbi KOÇ

(Honorary President of Koç Holding)

  • Sakıp SABANCI

(Sabancı Holding A.S. Chairman of  Board of Governors)

  • Dr. Engineer Nejat ECZACIBAŞI

(Eczacıbası Holding  Chairman of Executive Board

  • Certified Engineer Ali COŞKUN

(Politician-Business Man)

  • Sabahattin YALINPALA

(General Manager of SEKA )

  • Ihsan DEDE

(Kocaeli Governor)