Policies and Values

Basic policies define the institutional policies and behavior types of the organization and management type. Revealing basic policies of an organization is important for strategic planing; because on the background of vision, mission and institutional identification of the organization lays basic values and beliefs. Basic policies and values of TÜSSİDE are as follows:


TÜSSİDE has a respectable place in the sector with its principles and approaches.


TÜSSİDE cares about requirements and privacy of customer, it is reliable before its customers.

Customer Oriented

TÜSSİDE cares about creating customer value; tries to understand the request, expectation and needs of the customer and executes its studies in this direction.


Customers can easily access the products and services of TÜSSİDE.


TÜSSİDE acts with transparency and accuracy; takes honesty and accountability as baseline.

Team spirit

Believes the affect of working as a team and team members to trust each other.