Competence and Talent Management (3Y)

TÜSSİDE Talent and Competence Management conducts projects with applications and making R&D studies in direction of institutional and individual competence improvement. Competences that affects the responsibilities and developable competences by training, is one of the most important tools when employees convert their potentials to performance. While each developed basic, technical and administrative competence creating difference in employees' handling the works, also provides contribution to the creation of  a common language within the institutional. At this point, correct determining of development requirement and will and compliance of these to the institutional targets is the inseparable part of talent and competence management.

Here are the methods lay in the working systematics of TÜSSİDE 3Y:

  • Realizing training requirement analysis on country level and on institution basis,

  • Providing best usage of budgets that institutions allocate for training and development by designing productive, authentic, efficient and result oriented programs,

  • Supporting development of competences by works with practicals on adult training basis.

  • Varying academical point of view with University cooperations,

At this point, TÜSSİDE 3Y provides information, whose validity and reliability is generated after filtered by monitoring and evaluation filters, to be reached to large masses and by this way offers opportunity to increase of the awareness level of the employees.