Health Care Economy and Management (SEY)

Health care economy and management is a science between disciplines which searches how health care services reach to people, its cost, how this service is useful and efficient to people and individuals.

TÜSSİDE Health Care Economy and Management (SEY);

  • It produces information based on proof in order to health care leaders who develop politics which aim to maintain accessibility, low cost and high quality in health care system.

  • By adopting system engineering approach to health care system, which is a complex system, it aims to improve and develop the presentation of health care services by considering time and cost restrictions.

Our R&D services regarding to improve and develop the health care system are;

  • Researches about health care services

  • Health care economy

  • Health care management

  • Risk management and patient safety in health care

  • Modeling and optimization in health care services

  • Data management and usage in health care

  • Quality standards