Sustainable Institutional Management (SKY)

SKY conducts consultancy and training projects in direction of sustainable institutional system establishing and developing the management competency of public institutions and private sector institutions.

SKY aims to develop the efficiencies and productivities of institutions, increase the efficient participation, design decision making based on data, increase the use of measuring and valuing systems in management.

Our main products/services in scope of SKY;

  • Strategical Management
  • Affect Analyzing
  • Performance Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • İnternal Control
  • Workshop Management
  • Feasibility Analyzing
  • Process Management

In order to increase the management talent of the country, TÜSSİDE combined training and consultancy services it gives in direction of improving and developing institutional systems under the Sustainable Corporate Management services as a general model. 

Organizational development is not provided only by setting systems in certain areas, it can be realized with integral point of view.

Instead of handling the services that organization may require in institutional management over and over, it tries to bring solutions with a comprehensive point of view including sustainability approach. 

One of the most important elements of Institutional System Configuration process is "well constructed course of action".

In order to prepare the course of action appropriate to the requirement and to manage the process correctly, difference between current location and the location it wants to be in the future should be well determined.

Deficiencies of current status fulfilled and reconstruction modeling before software is created with TÜSSİDE approach. Besides providing in-house and inter-institutions consolidation by activating integrated management model which integrate the information and institutional business process and problems of information distribution and sharing, improving information producing processes are among the main activities of TÜSSİDE.

Sectoral R&D Projects

Besides increasing study of  productivity and efficiency of corporates/institutions and their systems, SKY also conducts R&D studies with regards to the sector.

Solving problems encountered in the sector, providing sectors to be strengthened and feasibility work of suggested new approaches are made by using below mentioned methods;

  • preliminary preparation, determining good practice examples,
  • International literature scanning regarding to the subject,
  • Current status analysis,
  • Economical analyzing methods 
  • Determining course of action and strategy by using administrative analysis tools

By this way, SKY providing contribution to the country's development and increasing sectoral and national competitive power by determining national strategies for the sectors.