Transportation and Logistics Management (ULY)

Transportation and Logistics Management is to prepare and conduct research, modeling and optimization projects in order to maintain the conducting of transportation and logistics activities more productive and efficient in national and regional areas.

TÜSSİDE Transportation and Logistics Management (ULY);

It makes project oriented literature scanning on the projects it prepares and searches world applications. It collects data by institutional analysis and fieldworks, creates analytical model by using scientific methods like operational research, statistical analysis and time study.


Current status of the system is analyzed with created model and optimum solutions are developed accordingly. It tests the optimum solution suggestions with simulation applications and sensitivity analysis.


Our solutions;

  1. Preparing transportation main plans

  2. Public transportation oriented traffic planning

  3. Capacity planning

  4. Socio economical analysis

  5. Logistics regulations.

  6. Logistics network modeling

  7. Transportation studies

Key Words:

  • Modeling

  • Transportation

  • Public transportation

  • Logistics

  • Data mining

  • Big data analysis

  • Software

  • Decision support systems

  • Simulation

  • Optimization

  • GIS applications

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Assigning problems

  • Scheduling

  • Process analysis

  • Engineering

  • Field work