Decision Making Techniques with Multiple Criteria

Individuals, companies and organizations encounter with multi dimensioned decision problems in every aspect of life. Most of the time, managers make decisions in situations of which conflicting aims (criteria) and more than one factor are wanted to be realized .  Decision making techniques with multiple criteria, is made of approaches and methods trying to reach a probable solution "best or optimal" which meets  more than one criteria that conflict with each other.  Decision makers can make scientific and more successful decision by benefiting from decision making techniques with multiple criteria for dealing with this kind of problems.

In  decision making with multiple criteria approach, certain number of candidate with certain characteristics are graded by comparing their alternatives of plan, politics, strategy, action type and the best among them is tried to be chosen. Decision making methods with multiple criteria provides solution of complex problems which have conflicting features by using weight information regarding to criteria. First of all, definition of alternatives and features is made. Then, measurements of each alternative (separately) is obtained according to each criteria, their weights are assigned according to the criteria. Assigned weight criteria and one-criteria value measurements of alternatives-with an aggregation model-are gather together and overall values of alternatives are calculated. Finally, sensitivity analysis are realized and evaluations are revealed with solution suggestions.