Deep Interview

Qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques most frequently used in the projects realized by TÜSSİDE are the methods realized by deep interview and question forms.

Interview: It is a qualitative data collection technique having types like document reviewing, interview and observation which aims to examine the structure, relationality and pattern of a subject with inductive approach in details. Interview or interview technique is one of the  basic techniques mostly applied in qualitative researches. It has kinds like semi-configured, non-configured, deep and verbal history. It is a flexible method that enables participant to tell his individual experiences, point of view and thoughts about a subject with his own statements.

Semi-Configured Interview: Researcher executes the interview with certain titles or questions that he already prepared. As well as changes can be made during the interview like on sequence of questions and manner of asking, questions can be added or canceled regarding to the subject of interview.

Non-Configured Interview: Generally formed by the person to be interviewed. Researcher starts the interview with an open ended initiative question or a certain title. Participant is the person who directs the interview and he is entitled to open new titles that he thinks is related to the subject.