Diamond Model

TÜSSİDE uses "Diamond Model of Porter", which is one of the "Competition Analyze" tools and claims that nations can provide their competitive superiority through clusters, efficiently.

With "Diamond Model", which stipulates the examination of some factors which determines national competition power in a certain sector should be interrelated, TÜSSİDE classifies the negative and positive findings determined as a result of sectoral current status analysis. Classification is made by taking four main factors as basic which are "Factor (input) Conditions", "Demand Conditions", "Related and Supportive Industries" and "Company Strategy, Structure and Competition", and two indirects factors which are "Luck" and "State Politics". As a result of classification according to the factors, TÜSSİDE develops most efficient strategies and works for improvements by benefiting from the power of positive factors and decreasing or eliminating the negative factors for the sector by considering probable affects of one of the factors on another factor. By this way, TÜSSİDE provides contribution for the increasing of sectoral and national competition power.