Shareholder Management

Shareholder Management is a standard application approach which is met in many quality management applications almost in every corporation and institution regardless of whether it seeks profit. It is important to determine individuals or groups who are affected from the activities of corporates/institutes in every where from strategic planning application to quality models like 6 Sigma, EFQM-Baldrige etc; from risk analyzing to project management approach, and also important to evaluate their expectations and affects. Analyzing  management of shareholders in internal and external environments of corporates/institutes which shows amendment and complexity, has guidance characteristics in providing more responsible management and decreasing the risks.

With Project Management approach, shareholder management approach is applied as of any project become official in TÜSSİDE. According to the size of the project, shareholder opinions and expectations are received by changing different application tools.

For example; as well as in all strategic plan projects, in projects which opinion, commend and expectation are received like social research and awareness projects and system settling oriented activities, shareholder analysis are executed also and obtained results are reflected to the conduction of the project.