Workshop Management (Collaborative Intelligence Platform®)

"Collaborative Intelligence Platform" is a registered trade mark of TÜSSİDE. "Collaborative Intelligence Platform" service which is developed in order to execute management activities by taking as much as possible of all parties, is meetings for two or three days that can be up to 150 participants. With these meetings, it is aimed that corporates and institutes to get a result  on required subjects by using efficient working methods in which thoughts are improved, information is shared, current status analysis is made. "Collaborative Intelligence Platform" is executed in direction of; making SWOT analysis, developing strategies and course of action that will lead to targets, determining fields with problems and developing suggestions, making environment analysis (PESTS Analysis) and scenario studies, determining strategical targets.

Studies are not executed in the form of "Speaking from lectern and collective listening conference",  but by using methods and techniques of creating creative thoughts and make all participants to join studies throughout actively. With the study;

  • All opinions and suggestions of all parties regarding to the subject, participants can comfortably state their thoughts in a democratic environment.

  • Appropriate environment is created that will provide results created together to be internalized by all participants and bring to life  by this way,

  • Obtained results are converted to action plans and responsibility distribution is made,

  • It is provided that intelligence, opinion and knowledge of participants to be combined and converted to common mind and synergy is created.