TUSSIDE Develops KOP Region’s Export Capacity

The Konya Plains Project (KOP) Regional Development Administration (RDA) is a government institution responsible for the development of Konya and its neighboring cities (referred to as the KOP region). In a signing ceremony attended by Dr. Recep Şeker (City of Karaman’s representative at the Parliament) , the KOP-RDA commissioned TUSSIDE to conduct a research and development project to improve the export capacity of firms in the KOP region.  The project will study the feasibility of establishing and industry and trade corridor.

The scope of the 12 month project is as follows:

  • An analysis of the current situation in the KOP region in terms of production volume, trade and interaction
  • An investigation of the potential economic opportunities in the KOP region’s cities
  • An analysis of infrastructure investments required to increase the efficiency of logistic operations
  • A preliminary analysis of the region’s transformation into a Special Economic Region (ÖEB)
  • Research and documentation of legislative requirements of the ÖEB and trade improvement
  • Development of a comprehensive action plan representing the work as a whole

​At the end of the project, strategies and recommendations will be determined to develop the region’s foreign trade and logistics operations.