TUSSIDE and NICE International Signed Strategic Partnership Agreement


TUSSIDE has signed of a strategic partnership agreement with NICE International on 28th February 2014.  TUSSIDE strives to form alliances with prestigious organizations and experts in order to develop knowledge and competencies in a variety of areas important to Turkey’s development.  Turkey has one of the largest universal health insurance systems in the world and the Ministry of Health has been working to improve services offered by public, private and academic healthcare providers through a number of important reforms.  TUSSIDE is in a unique position to be able to offer scientific and impartial research and analysis to policy and decision makers in Turkey.  Our partnership with NICE International will strengthen technical capacity and provide important guidance as TUSSIDE works support informed decision making in Turkey. 

NICE is a highly respected institution that has made significant contributions to improving health care by supporting the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) in more effective and equitable use of resources through scientific analysis. NICE International transferring the rich skills and experience developed in the UK around sourcing and converting evidence into health policy to other countries looking to have better informed policy decision making.

TUSSIİDE Health Economics and Management R&D team will work with NICE International to develop awareness of the importance and benefits of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in policy development and implementation, support the establishment of an independent, transparent, and scientific framework for carrying out and promoting HTA in Turkey, and build capacity for administrators, modellers and technical experts as well as for policy makers.