Aegean Region Olive and Olive Oil Sector Common Mind Platform®

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The Olive and Olive Oil Sector National Clustering Strategies Project, carried out jointly by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, General Directorate of Plant Production and TÜSSİDE, continues at full speed. Within the scope of the project, the last Common Mind Platform® was held on 23.10.2014 for olive and olive oil sector representatives in the Aegean Region. In the workshop moderated by TÜSSİDE, the current situation in the olive and olive oil sector for the Aegean Region was tried to be revealed. The strengths and weaknesses of the sector were discussed and possible opportunities and threats were highlighted. Academicians working on olive and olive oil, representatives of the private sector, public and non-governmental organizations attended the workshop held at the International Agricultural Research and Training Center in Izmir.

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