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Turkish Management Sciences Institute (TÜSSİDE) is a TÜBİTAK institute conducting research, consultancy, and training activities for the development of strategy and management systems.

TÜSSİDE has been engaging in projects for over 40 years, utilizing its qualified staff and established collaborations to facilitate the development of sustainable policies and strategies for institutions in our country, fostering effective and efficient management systems, and enhancing individuals' management competencies and skills. In today's world, where new technologies rapidly reshape business practices, TÜSSİDE continues its efforts with the vision of becoming a reference solution partner that generates value in management.

TÜSSİDE operates within the framework of the relevant legislation, sharing its activities in an understandable and auditable manner with stakeholders. It respects the confidentiality of all personal and corporate information belonging to stakeholders. TÜSSİDE employs scientific methods in its work, taking into account all resulting impacts. It aims to swiftly respond to stakeholder requests, needs, opportunities, and threats, while maintaining a meticulous approach and upholding quality without compromise.

The Institute Management considers the establishment and continuous improvement of quality management systems critical for the creation and continuity of a good management environment. Believing that success is only possible with employees who are experts in their fields and have a high level of institutional commitment, the Institute Management attaches importance to the adoption of the quality policy and management system by all employees.


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