Entrepreneurship Camp is at TÜSSİDE

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MARTEK organized the "Entrepreneurship" event at TÜSSİDE Gebze campus between 07 - 12 September with the aim of providing young people with skills and abilities such as self-realization, self-assertion, success motivation, association, research ability and communication for university 3rd and 4th year master's and doctoral students. He realized the "Camp" project.

Participants carried out project work in the camp, which was held with the slogan "I Have a Project and I Want to Bring My Project to Life", with the support of experienced and experienced trainers who will guide entrepreneurs and with the support of mentors with successful entrepreneurial lives. At the end of the entrepreneurship training given to all participants, support worth 25,000 TL per project and 125,000 TL in total will be provided to the best 5 projects to be selected by the referee committee.

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