Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Corporate Culture Training was Held

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Corporate Culture Training, designed by TÜSSİDE for the senior management of "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality", was held in Izmir on 06-09 June 2016. In the training attended by a total of 200 people in eight groups, concepts were reinforced with applied studies as well as information sharing to create a common language.

In the training, which aims to go over the common language, values and behavioral codes based on the corporate culture of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, as well as to share communication and management models in an interactive manner; “Corporate Culture and Values”, “Goals, Vision and Mission”, “Barriers in Communication, Founders, Carriers, Receivers and Transmitters”, “Transformative, Visionary and Paternalist Leadership”, “Roles in Crisis Management”, “Generation X, Y, Z and Social Capital” were discussed.

At the end of the training, all participants were given certificates.

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