Model Factory Trainer Training Program

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The Ministry of Industry and Technology continues to invest in human resources, which it sees as the most important element of the "National Technology Move". The “Model Factory Trainer Training Program” is being implemented to meet the need for trainers in competence and digital transformation centers, which contribute significantly to the productivity increase of Turkey's manufacturing industry.

Established under the coordination of the Ministry and in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Turkey Office, “model factories” aim to increase the competitiveness of enterprises by applying productivity-enhancing techniques in enterprises with the training and consultancy services it provides, and by providing productivity increase and digital transformation based on lean philosophy.

In order to increase productivity in enterprises, it is aimed to expand the trainer pool by training model factory trainers who have the theoretical and application-based knowledge to identify the problems in the field of lean production and bring solutions to them.

Those who successfully complete the "Model Factory Trainer Training Program" to be implemented within this scope will be included in the trainer pool that 8 model factories located in Ankara, Bursa, Konya, Kayseri, Gaziantep, İzmir, Mersin and Adana will benefit from.


Program participants, engineers, industry experts, managers and employees, consultants or those who have knowledge on production stages, business processes, 5S, Kaizen, Total Quality Management, efficiency, waste, problem solving, quality and lean thinking philosophy in the manufacturing industry or service businesses. It is envisaged that it will consist of academicians who conduct research/training.

Candidates who want to be model factory trainers until February 10 https://anket.tubitak.gov.tr/mfbasvuru You can apply by filling out the form at

Candidates who meet the necessary requirements will go to the competency evaluation stage. Candidates who successfully complete this stage will be invited to the trainer training program. The training program will consist of 3 modules: theory, preparation and application.

For the Model Factory Trainer Training Program information document click here.

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