2016 Management Sciences Symposium Held

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2016 Management Sciences Symposium was held on 08-09 December 2016, in cooperation with TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE and Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Business Administration, with the main theme of "Management Sciences Applications in the Public and Private Sectors".

Former Minister of National Education Ömer DİNÇER, ITU Rector Prof. attended the program held at ITU Maçka campus. Dr. Mehmet KARACA, TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. A. Arif ERGİN, ITU Faculty of Business Administration Dean Prof. Dr. Lütfihak ALPKAN, TÜSSİDE Institute Director Tezer BATTAL, academics, researchers and many public administrators attended.

Tezer BATTAL, one of the chairmen of the symposium organizing committee, greeted the participants in his speech and stated that TÜSSİDE researches the techniques brought and required by the modern age, and contributes to obtaining more accurate and effective results by adapting the best practice examples to the ecosystem of institutions. One of the chairmen of the symposium organizing committee, Prof. Dr. After greeting the participants, Lütfihak ALPKAN touched upon the administrative models and policies in the historical process in his speech.

Following the opening speeches, TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. A. Arif ERGİN greeted the symposium participants. Pointing out the saying "the oldest art, the newest science" for management in his speeches, Prof. Dr. ERGİN pointed out the impact and importance of applying scientific methods in business processes and management levels in ensuring sustainability in our country. Prof. Dr. ERGİN also said that the only way to increase the impact of studies carried out in the fields of technology and engineering and to achieve an expansion at the local and global level is through the harmonious work of engineering and human sciences.

Following the speech of TÜBİTAK President, ITU Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet KARACA greeted the participants as the host. Prof. Dr. In his speeches, KARACA stated that management work is not linear like mathematics or engineering, and that management should center the human factor.

After becoming the Rector of ITU, Prof. served as a minister in the 60th and 61st Turkish Governments. Dr. Ömer DİNÇER made an informative presentation on “From State Administration to Public Administration”. Sharing his observations and experiences in the institutional restructuring and transformation processes carried out in public institutions of our country during his ministry, Prof. Dr. DİNÇER also shared satisfactory information about the situation of institutions before the transformation process.

Prof. Dr. After Ömer DİNÇER's speech, 92-year-old Prof., founder of ITU Faculty of Business Administration. Dr. Zeyyat HATİPOĞLU talked about the management practices in the public and private sectors from the 1940s to the 2000s, in the light of his experiences and valuable opinions.

After the opening speeches, a panel was held on "Management Sciences Applications in the Public Sector". The session chaired by Ali Rıza ALABOYUN, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kombassan Holding and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the 63rd Government of the Republic of Turkey, was attended by Istanbul Commerce University and TÜBİTAK Science Board Member Prof. Dr. Murat YÜLEK, MÜSİAD 3rd Term President Assoc. Dr. Ömer BOLAT and Ministry of Development Expert Çağatay TELLİ attended as speakers. The needs that emerged due to the change in the field of management were addressed specifically in the public sector. Participants showed great interest in the session, which also included sharing on change management in public institutions.

In the afternoon part of the first day of the program, paper presentations were made on public administration, transportation and logistics, information management, social policies in the public sector and decision-making based on scientific foundations.

The second day of the symposium continued with a panel titled "Management Sciences Applications in the Private Sector". Assoc. Prof. from ITU Faculty of Business Administration. Dr. Migros CEO Özgür TORT, Adel Kalem – Faber Castell CEO Evrim HİZALER and Taze & Kuru Inc. attended the session chaired by Deniz TUNÇALP. CEO Dr. Nusret YURTER participated as a speaker. Information was shared on management science applications in decision-making, business process management and human resources in corporate companies and individual enterprises. Following the panel, paper presentations were made including private sector practices on strategic management, production management, management approaches, human resources management and quality & performance management.

The program, in which nearly 40 papers were presented in total, ended with the thanks of the symposium organizing and executive committees.

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