Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Project Workshop for Human Resources was Held

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On Thursday, April 15; A "Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources" project workshop was held at the Turkey Fourth Industrial Revolution Center, under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Turkish Metal Industrialists' Union (MESS) and TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE, in cooperation with the public, private sector and academy.

Skill acquisition within the scope of the workshop; performance and reward; training and development; The human resources life cycle, including retention, workforce, promotion and appointment, was examined with a 360-degree approach. The issues of developing pilot applications for the responsible use of technology and creating human-oriented artificial intelligence strategies of institutions with the participation of multiple stakeholders were discussed together with all stakeholders.

Pioneering studies that will trigger cultural transformation for the adaptation of institutions to new technologies were discussed. Future human resources policies were discussed by evaluating the medium and long-term transformation of human resources.

The workshop outcomes, put forward with common sense, will be shared with both Turkey and the World Economic Forum (WEF) global network in the coming days.

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