Applied Production Management Handbook meets industrialists…

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Problems experienced in production have led to the need to rethink production systems and change the understanding of production management. The "Applied Production Management Handbook", which includes this changing production structure, which we can call mass production, will shed light on both those who want to work on this subject and our industrialists. Every subject, starting with product development and concerning production management, contains applicable scientific theory. Additionally, industrial applications are also included in each chapter. Thus, the book has been given features that are easier to understand and think about.

The chapters in our book, which consists of 10 chapters to put it at the service of the Turkish industry, are as follows:

Part 1: Strategic Management

Part 2: Project Management

Part 3: Management of Product Development Systems

Chapter 4: Ergonomics and Work Study in Business

Part 5: Demand Forecasting and Production Planning

Chapter 6: Facility Layout and Cellular Production

Chapter 7: Design of Mounting Systems

Part 8: Pull Production Control Systems

Chapter 9: Logistics Management

Chapter 10: Seeing the Whole: Value Stream Management

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