Individual Youth Entrepreneurship Program was Held

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TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE Certificate Program and Istanbul Teknokent – TEB Entrepreneurship House TÜBİTAK Individual Young Entrepreneurship Program were held on May 26.

Istanbul University Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. The Individual Young Entrepreneurship Program, which took place at the Ali Rıza Berkem Conference Hall, started with the speech of Yasin Erol, General Manager of Istanbul Teknokent.

Stating that they had the opportunity to get closer to universities thanks to the program, Erol said, “Our main goal is to get close to university students first, then the industrialists come. Since we are an organized industrial zone, we know that the industrialists are close to us. "Through these programs, we have the opportunity to introduce how university students can be adapted to our projects," he said.

Continuing his speech, touching on the basic problems of entrepreneurs, Erol said, “Among our biggest problems is accessing capital. In any case, maybe 78 million people have an idea or a dream. Our biggest problem is how to reach real finance. When we look at the operating systems in developed countries, we can see that they are much more practical and more prone to loss. As much as possible, we try to explain in technoparks and research and development centers that losing is a very natural thing. "As a result, failure can be the first step to success," he said.

Individual Young Entrepreneurship Program continued with the speech of TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE Institute Director Tezer Battal. Explaining the importance of acting according to technological developments, Battal said, “Every day we do not take action is against us. Nowadays, intense work is being done to manage, make sense of and direct the huge data that accumulates day by day. This technological conjuncture that the world has entered contains serious opportunities and threats for our country at the same time. Battal ended his speech by saying, "If we work together as a country, develop strategies and take proactive approaches, we see that it is possible for us to rise to the class of advanced countries in a very short time, instead of being known as the country that always missed the train in the recent past." Battal concluded his speech and presented the certificates to the entrepreneurs.

The event continued with the presentation of TEB Entrepreneurship House Official Sinan Ağırnaslıgil. Ağırnaslıgil, who started his presentation by explaining the goals of TEB Entrepreneurship House and its main areas of work and investment, also talked in detail about the opportunities provided to entrepreneurs.

Addressing the importance of university students in the projects, Ağırnaslıgil said, “In these programs, we generally try to explain to university students what is happening in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, how we can access resources, what advantages it offers us, and how to be included in this ecosystem. Among these, we organize entrepreneurship camps. We give disk analysis on how state-supported investment works in general, how individual investment works, which one would be the right one to focus on, what we should pay attention to when forming a team. Apart from that, we bring entrepreneurs and students together because the students will actually be where they are in one year or two years. Therefore, we provide a transfer of experience in this way,” he said.

In the last part of the event, TEB Entrepreneurship House Finance Officer Bora Nemlioğlu ended the event by giving information about the financial part of the projects carried out and the supports provided.

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