Transformation Project to SANKO University Hospital Completed

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With the transformation project of Gaziantep Private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital into SANKO University Hospital, it is aimed to determine all the activities necessary for the hospital to undergo a change process in accordance with the organizational structure of the hospital by associating the current organizational structure and processes of the hospital with generally accepted national and international standards.

As a result of the joint work of TÜSSİDE Health Economics and Management (SEY) and Sustainable Corporate Governance (SKY) teams, consultancy services on change management were provided to SANKO institution. Within the scope of the project, a current situation analysis was made regarding the demand to carry out education and research activities in addition to the existing health services offered at the full-fledged Gaziantep Private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital, which was opened in 1993. Within the scope of the analysis, a change management survey was designed and applied to all hospital employees. As a second step, a Common Mind Platform® (OAP®) workshop was held, support and obstacle activities that would affect change were identified in the OAP® workshop, and detailed suggestions were developed for these activities. In the third step of the project, the medical and administrative areas that would be directly affected in the hospital's transformation journey into a university hospital were identified and a field analysis study was carried out in these areas. According to the results of all these studies, change management training was given to the hospital staff about the situations that required priority in terms of the change process, and a comprehensive final report containing all activities was delivered to the university rectorate at the end of the project.

As TÜSSİDE SEY unit, we provide scientific support to hospitals or hospital groups that have adopted the principle of eliminating the lack of human resources in health services and training qualified health professionals, in their transformation process into hospitals that provide education and research as well as providing quality health services. In this transformation process, institutions should determine in advance how their internal processes as training and research hospitals will change, what additional resources will be required for this change, how national and international standards will be processed, how employees may be affected by this change, and receive consultancy support on this issue, so that the change process will be much more positive. and will make it happen quickly.

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