The First Filli Boya Winter Science Camp Was Held in TÜSSİDE on 25-29 January 2016

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The second leg of the Science Camps Project, which is carried out in partnership with Filli Boya, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE, is held during the semester break.

In the camp, the first of which was held on 25-29 January 2016, visits were made to TÜBİTAK MAM Food Institute, Earth and Marine Sciences Institute, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Institutes, and activities were held with researchers. Many workshops were also held in the camp, such as Software Workshop, Motion and Friction Workshop, Model Airplane Making, DNA and chemical experiments.

In the camp, conversations and workshops were held with scientists and artists who have achieved success in different professions. Many valuable names such as our scientist Kerem Cankoçak working at CERN, Philosopher Kaan Özkan, and Technology Coach Salih Aksu took part in our camps as volunteers.

Our second camp continues between 1-5 February.

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