Opening Meeting of Infrastructure Capacity Analysis Research Project to Increase the Efficiency of the National Railway Network was Held

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The project opening meeting was held in the TCDD General Directorate conference hall on Wednesday, 30.06.2021, within the scope of the "Infrastructure Capacity Analysis Research Project for Increasing the Efficiency of the National Railway Network" with the General Directorate of the State Railways of the Republic of Turkey.

At the opening meeting of the project, Expert Researcher and Project Manager Yakup AS made an information/presentation about the preliminary studies carried out within the scope of the project and the detailed work/time plan and work steps of the project.

As a result of the completion of the project, TCDD;

  • The evaluation, analysis and prioritization of the modernization works of the important line sections projected, as well as the effects of these projects on the national railway line capacity, together with the logistics center capacity effects, were revealed,
  • Along with the model developed for the capacity analysis and evaluations made for the determined Train Stations and Stations, it has a model that can be used in the analysis of other Train Stations and Stations in Turkey,
  • By introducing the model based on Maintenance-Capacity Planning relationship efficiency, it has increased the efficiency in the relevant processes and has the relationship structure that will form the basis of the tracking module desired to be created in KKY.
  • Digitalized and increased the efficiency of the processes related to line capacity analyses/evaluations and projections for current and future years, as well as their visualization on the GIS-Based Map,
  • With the number of trips and set need analyzes for YHT and HT lines, the existing capacity will be planned and used effectively and efficiently.

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