The Management Formation Program was opened at TÜBİTAK

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The opening of the "Management Formation Training" program was held by the Governor of Kocaeli, Mr. Hasan Basri GÜZELOĞLU, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mr. İbrahim KARAOSMANOĞLU, Kocaeli Provincial Director of National Education Mr. Fehmi Rasim ÇELİK and TÜSSİDE Institute Director Mr. It was held at TÜBİTAK on Monday, February 2, with the participation of Tezer BATTAL.

The management formation training, which will be held for 560 school principals in 7 different schools in Kocaeli between 2-8 February 2015, aims to increase the management competencies of school principals and thus to adopt modern management approaches in schools.

Mr. The opening speech started by BATTAL was attended by Mr. ÇELİK and Mr. KARAOSMANOĞLU continued. Emphasizing the importance of these trainings, Governor GÜZELOĞLU stated that he was pleased with the cooperation of TÜSSİDE and the Provincial Directorate of National Education.

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