General Directorate of Efficiency Provincial Managers Training was Held in TÜSSİDE

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Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology General Directorate of Productivity, "Diagnosis of Productivity Problems, Productivity Measurement and Evaluation and Cleaner Production Training Program" was held in TÜSSİDE between 18-21 May 2015.

In the training program attended by provincial managers and provincial directorate employees, training topics such as "Productivity Philosophy, Productivity Movement in the World and in Turkey", "Diagnosis of Productivity Problems and Productivity Management", "Productivity Measurement and Evaluation", "Project Idea Development and Project-Oriented Thinking" were covered. In addition, there were also applied studies such as "Strategic Thinking Workshop" and "Team Building Open Air Workshop".

In the "Productivity Philosophy, Productivity Movement in the World and Turkey" training given by Industry and Technology Expert Nurettin PEŞKİRCİOĞLU, topics such as productivity perception and development, productivity as a development strategy, efficiency in reducing poverty, the history of productivity studies in TR and the relationship of productivity with our country's 2023 targets. focused on. In the "Diagnosis of Productivity Problems and Productivity Management" training given by Mr. PEŞKİRCİOĞLU, topics such as the relationship between productivity and corporate performance, factors affecting productivity, productivity management and productivity increasing techniques were evaluated.

Industry and Technology Expert Yücel ÖZKARA's "Productivity Measurement and Evaluation" training title focused on current approaches to issues such as measurement of productivity at macro and micro levels, productivity indicators, national productivity statistics and different models in productivity measurement.

In the "Clean Production Tools and Techniques" training given by Industry and Technology Expert Belçim AYTEKİN KESKİN, concepts such as evaluation of clean production opportunities, environmental problems and effective use of resources, and growth by protecting the green were emphasized. Within the scope of the field applications of the program, two factory visits were made.

In the training titled "Project Idea Development and Project-Focused Thinking" given by TÜSSİDE Expert Researcher Mustafa DİŞÇİ, the participants were informed about the original idea development process, goal-productivity relationship, idea development methods, project-goal harmony in defining projects, project life cycle and the effect of leadership on project-oriented thinking. Information was given on topics such as:

With the "Strategic Thinking Workshop" conducted by TÜSSİDE Researcher Hasan KARABAKKAL, participants were allowed to achieve their goals by taking into account their own qualifications and the resources of their team members, develop their sense of interpersonal trust, and transform differences into harmony and richness.

In the "Teaming Open Air Workshop" implemented as a team by TÜSSİDE staff Hasan KARABAKKAL, Murat ÇAL, Batuhan DEMİR, Murat ÇELİKKOL, Burak ŞANALMIŞ and Enes PERÇİN, the participants were enabled to achieve the strategic goals determined by focusing on concepts such as cooperation and creative thinking. In the "Our Repetitive Behavior Patterns" session, where the images captured on camera during the study were evaluated, participants were first helped to increase their awareness of "themselves" and also to review their attitudes towards problems and events.

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