Socio-Economic Interaction Workshop in Transportation Held in Istanbul

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The Public Transport-Focused Istanbul Traffic Planning Project, carried out jointly by IETT and TÜSSİDE, continues at full speed. Within the scope of the project, the "Socio-Economic Interaction Workshop in Transportation" was held in Istanbul Topkapı Eresin Hotel on May 4, 2016, in order to evaluate the effects of current and future transportation policies in Istanbul from the perspective of social science experts.

Academicians who are experts in their fields, representatives of non-governmental organizations and TÜSSİDE experts attended the workshop moderated by TÜSSİDE. In the workshop, first of all, the current situation on the socio-economic effects of transportation and the determinants of these effects was tried to be revealed. In the afternoon part of the workshop, a panel was held where many different dimensions of Istanbul transportation such as health, psychology, economy and urbanism were discussed. Speakers at the panel emphasized the increase in comfort and capacity improvement of public transportation. They pointed out that in mega cities such as Istanbul, where traffic is heavy, public transportation can be made more encouraging for people and traffic can be improved by increasing the number of passengers switching from private vehicles to public transportation.

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