Türkiye's Health Accounts System is Being Harmonized with OECD

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The Opening Meeting and Workshop on the Harmonization of the Turkish Health Accounts System with the OECD 2011 System was Held in Cooperation with TÜSSİDE, SAGEM and Acıbadem University

The "Health Accounts Harmonization" project was launched on May 9, 2017, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, General Directorate of Health Research (SAGEM) and the Turkish Industrial Management Institute (TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE). Academicians from Acıbadem University's Health Policy Application and Research Center also take part in the project.

The project aims to harmonize the OECD (Organization for European Economic Co-operation) 2000 Health Accounts System, which Turkey is implementing, with the updated and expanded OECD 2011 Health Accounts System. In order to achieve this goal, a workshop was held in Ankara on 13-14 September 2017, with the participation of the stakeholder organizations of the Turkish Health Accounts System, where the opening meeting and the current situation determination and suggestion work were carried out.

On the first day of the workshop, representatives of the leading stakeholders of the project, the Ministry of Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Social Security Institution (SGK) and Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), shared the OECD Health Accounts System tables and the current situation of Turkey with the participants. On the second day of the workshop, current situation determination and suggestion development work was carried out using the TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE Common Mind Platform (OAP)® method. The outputs obtained from the workshop will contribute to the action plan to be created for the activities that need to be carried out for Turkey's integration into the OECD 2011 Health Accounts System.

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