Senior Management of Turkish Hard Coal Corporation was at TÜSSIDE for Project Closing Presentations

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The closing meeting of the project, which started in May 2018 with the aim of restructuring the General Directorate of Turkish Hard Coal Enterprise (TTK) and determining the norm staff, was held in TÜSSİDE on 24 April 2019.

General Manager Kazım EROĞLU, Deputy General Managers Ercan GEBEŞ and İsmail GÜNER, as well as relevant department heads and unit chiefs, attended the closing meeting on behalf of TTK, and Institute Director İsmail DOĞAN, other managers and the project team attended on behalf of TÜSSİDE.

In the presentation made at the meeting, detailed information was shared about the work carried out within the scope of "TTK Restructuring and Norm Staff Project". The basic principles and methods used for the proposed new Organizational Structure were mentioned, the final organizational structure created as a result of the study was shared, and the change between the proposed final organizational structure and the current organizational structure was revealed with numerical data. In addition, according to the approaches, methods, data and analysis and evaluation results used within the scope of the Norm Staff study carried out after the Restructuring, the norm staff numbers determined at the level of Chief and Chief Engineering units for each unit in the General Directorate and 5 affiliated Institutions are presented briefly.

In the 2nd stage of the closing meeting; In order to measure the satisfaction levels of TTK employees, the results of the analysis made in line with the data obtained from the surveys applied to all employees at the Head Office and 5 affiliated Establishments were shared.

Following the presentations, TTK General Manager Kazım EROĞLU expressed his satisfaction with the projects in his closing speech and expressed his intention to increase cooperation with TÜSSİDE.

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