He participated in TÜSSİDE TRANSİST-2013.

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TRANSIST Istanbul – Istanbul Transportation Technologies, Vehicles and Products, Systems Symposium and Fair; It was held on 25-26.12.2013 at Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Fair and Exhibition Hall. Fiera Milano Interteks International Fuarcılık A.Ş. Organized by TRANSIST Fair, it aims to bring together international participants and visitors from the city, municipality, transportation and traffic sectors. In this context, he took part in the event with the aim of promoting TÜSSİDE's activities both at home and abroad, TÜSSİDE and TÜBİTAK abroad.iett fair2

TÜSSİDE took an important step for future projects and collaborations by introducing both itself and TÜBİTAK at the fair, especially with its Flexible Transportation Project with IETT and other products and services. TÜSSİDE officials, who had the opportunity to communicate with many visitors, also gave interviews to Iraqi television channels. TÜSSİDE officials responded to the question of whether TÜSSİDE could carry out work in Iraq and Middle Eastern countries: "TÜSSİDE, which wants to increase its international effectiveness, is adding both English and Arabic sections to its website. We are in close contact with countries in the Balkans and the Middle East, especially in contact with international non-governmental organizations. "Projects and joint activities are planned with Middle Eastern countries in the future." he said.

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