TÜSSİDE Will Do the Traffic Planning of Istanbul

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A project plan consisting of six work packages has been prepared within the scope of the "Public Transport-Focused Istanbul Traffic Planning Project" signed between Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Enterprises General Directorate (IETT) and TÜBİTAK Turkey Industrial Management and Management Institute (TÜSSİDE). The main objectives of the project to be carried out within the scope of these packages are:

  • Making public transportation-centered traffic planning,
  • Making public transportation preferable
  • Introducing an approach that aims to make the use of road space more equitable, proportional to the load carried by public transportation vehicles and the load carried by private cars.
  • In public transportation; Determining a better standard of living for the city by increasing speed, capacity planning and reducing costs per passenger

Public transport-oriented transportation modeling and traffic planning will be carried out in Istanbul, taking into account the current transportation systems of the Istanbul Metropolitan Region and the projects expected to be completed in the near future. As a result of the project, which will last 26 months, it is planned to complete the analysis of the factors that cause traffic congestion in Istanbul and create a more efficient transportation network by producing new scenarios to meet the demand.

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