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Visitor Regulations

Cell phones, computers, cameras, camcorders, external memory devices, voice recorders, etc., are not allowed to be brought into our institution. Upon entering the premises, such devices are to be handed over to the relevant security personnel for safekeeping.

a. Visits for Corporate Purposes:

For visits that involve access to areas covered by classified project work and projects involving classified information, documents, materials, or content, at least 21 business days prior to the visit, the following information must be provided to the respective institutional authority:

Purpose of the visit,
Facility to be visited,
Date and duration of the visit,
Visitor information (place and date of birth, national ID number for Turkish citizens, passport number for foreigners, nationality, company/organization affiliation, position within the company),
If applicable, individual security clearance document number and the level of classification of this document.

Within the scope of this information, a Visit Permission request is submitted to the Ministry of National Defense, Technical Services Department. If deemed appropriate, the visit is approved and can be conducted.

Visits for Commercial Purposes (product presentations, tenders, procurement, etc.):

Visits and meetings unrelated to classified project work are held in meeting rooms located in reception and lobby areas of the buildings.


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