Turkish Management Sciences Institute (TÜSSİDE) is a TÜBİTAK institute conducting research, consultancy, and training activities for the development of strategy and management systems.

With its qualified staff and established collaborations, TÜSSİDE has been conducting projects for over 40 years to assist institutions in our country in developing sustainable policies and strategies, possessing effective and efficient management systems, and enhancing individuals' management competencies and skills.

In today's world, where new technologies rapidly transform business practices, TÜSSİDE continues its efforts with the vision of becoming a value-generating reference solution partner in management.


Our Business Model

TÜSSİDE conducts its activities with the mission of “Enhancing Management Capacity” in the fields of Management Research and Consultancy, as well as Strategy Research and Consultancy. The core competencies through which it adds value in projects are research, analysis, design, modeling, implementation, and compliance support activities related to strategy, systems, models, organizations, processes, plans, and programs.

While conducting its activities with its qualified staff, TÜSSİDE benefits from the expertise developed in academia, public and private sectors; establishes collaborations with TÜBİTAK centers and institutes, various international organizations and development agencies.

Collaboration with the stakeholders it serves is based on developing and executing projects together. It offers solutions specific to its stakeholders with a scientific and holistic approach. In these processes, transparency in communication and reliability in maintaining personal and corporate information are essential.


Vision and Mission


To be the Leading Reference Solution Partner Generating Value in Management.


To Enhance Management Capacity


Our Principles

Scientific Research and Analysis

TÜSSIDE conducts research and analysis studies in projects using scientific methods.

Holistic Design​

TÜSSİDE shapes projects according to needs while considering all resulting impacts, prioritizing holistic approaches.

Agile and Attentive Approach

TÜSSİDE aims to swiftly respond to stakeholder requests, needs, opportunities, and threats to achieve results. Throughout this process, it maintains a meticulous approach, upholding quality without compromise.

Transparency and Reliability​

TÜSSİDE shares its activities with the relevant parties in an understandable and auditable manner. In addition, it observes the privacy status of all kinds of personal and institutional information belonging to its stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

TÜSSİDE believes that the key to success lies in continuous improvement. It develops and transforms its core approaches, business model, and competencies in line with current requirements.


Organization chart



TÜSSİDE, proposed by the State Planning Organization (DPT) in 1971 for the purpose of fostering collaboration between academia and industry, was officially established on July 19, 1980, through Regulation No. 17052 published in the official gazette. Prepared in collaboration with TÜBİTAK and the Ministry of National Education (MEB), TÜSSİDE began its activities with the regulation accepted by the TÜBİTAK Science Board on November 29, 1983. In August 2002, it became an institute directly affiliated with the TÜBİTAK Presidency.

In its early years, TÜSSİDE organized numerous training programs to enhance the competencies of both public and private sector managers, effectively addressing a significant need in our country.

In today's rapidly changing world, driven by new technologies transforming business practices, TÜSSİDE's focus has shifted towards critical corporate development projects, analysis and design of management systems, designing and implementing competency development programs, and developing national-level strategies and policies. Within this scope, TÜSSİDE carries out its projects in the fields of

In today's world, where new technologies are rapidly transforming the way of doing business, analysis and design of corporate development projects and management systems, design and implementation of competence development programs, strategy and policy development at the national level, which are of critical importance, are at the center. TÜSSIDE, in this context, Management Research and Consultancy and Strategy Research and Consultancy 


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