TÜSSIDE Focuses on the GAP Region's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem

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As a result of the workshops and field studies carried out for the ecosystem stakeholders, especially the universities, technoparks, technology transfer offices and organized industrial zones in the region within the scope of the GAP Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Project, analyzes revealing the current situation and needs of the region and its stakeholders began to be made.

“Evaluation of Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) and Small Industrial Sites (SSR) Settlements and Determination of Development Strategies”, “Evaluation of Business Development Centers (İŞGEM) Structuring and Determination of Development Strategies”, “Evaluation of Industrial Effectiveness of Regional Universities, Technology Development Zone (TGB) In the project, which consists of a total of 4 work packages: "Evaluation of the Effectiveness of TTO (Technology Transfer Offices)" and "Strategy Document for Developing Regional SMEs", current situation analysis workshops for the situation in the region were held for all work packages. The meetings held at regional and national levels for ecosystem stakeholders have been largely completed.

The workshop reports prepared so far within the scope of the project, the current situation and needs analysis report completed within the scope of the İŞGEM work package, and the comparative analysis report with İŞGEM good practices have been shared with the GAP Regional Development Administration. Again, in this process, field studies for OIZs, SISs, TGB and TTO structures in the region have been completed, and quantitative and qualitative analyzes of the data obtained from the fields have begun. Currently, responses to the survey prepared for SMEs in the region and comparison provinces of Denizli, Kayseri, Konya and Çorum are continuing, and within the scope of the relevant work package, face-to-face semi-structured interviews with SMEs in the region are aimed to be completed within this month.

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