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The consultancy trainings of the DDX Digital Transformation Evaluation Model, developed by TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE to contribute to the digital transformation of businesses, have started. The opening of the training, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt, TÜBİTAK Vice President Prof. Dr. It took place with the speeches of Ahmet Yozgatlıgil and TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE Institute Director İsmail Doğan.

In his speech, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır said, “Digital transformation has become a necessity rather than a choice for our companies in order to increase their competitiveness and survive”.

“The journey of digital transformation for companies means stepping into a long-term and uncertain journey. High-cost projects, the need for human resources, and the inability to determine where to start digital transformation are among the most important problems faced by our companies. It is only possible for our SMEs to make this journey successfully with the assessment tools designed for them and their specific roadmap, taking into account the factors specific to our country.

For this purpose, TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE developed a "Digital Transformation Evaluation Model", which is planned to be widely applied throughout the country, based on the "Digital Transformation Evaluation Tool" prepared by Boğaziçi University at the beginning of the process. We first applied this model to companies in the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone. In line with the results of the pilot study, we improved the model implementation processes. We quickly created a structure that will allow this tool to be applied to SMEs throughout Turkey. We enriched our model with the roadmap, additional reporting and analysis modules.

Today, we are implementing this training program in order to train the human resources that will enable the model to be implemented throughout the country. With this program, our businesses will start their digital transformation projects and will be able to apply for support for their needs when necessary. As the Ministry, we will be there for them at every point they need.”

KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt pointed out that the said program will provide important data on the needs of SMEs in Turkey in the digitalization process. Touching on the development process of the DDX Model, TÜBİTAK Vice President Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yozgatlıgil expressed his satisfaction with the intense interest in the training program.

The trainings, which will continue until July 3, will be supported by company practices and case studies. Digital Transformation Technologies and Application Examples, Digital Transformation Assessment Tool and Roadmap, Consultant Skills will be discussed in the trainings, which are planned to last 96 hours. The consultancy services that will be offered to the enterprises by the participants who successfully complete the training will be supported by KOSGEB within the scope of the cooperation.

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