Ministry of Family and Social Policies Impact Analysis Project

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Impact Analysis

In June 2013, impact analysis studies began for the 6 main service units of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. The project was carried out in 2 main phases.

A. Identification

  1. Informing main service units about impact analysis.
  2. Selecting the strategy/service model/policy that will be subject to impact analysis on a unit basis.
  3. Comprehensive literature and method research.
  4. Defining the scope and main stakeholders of the identified issue.
  5. Choosing the appropriate data collection method for the determined topic.

B. Realization

  1. Planning and carrying out studies within the framework of the data collection methods listed below.
    1. focus group
    2. in-depth interview
    3. Interview with experts
    4. databases
    5. field survey
    6. Pre and Post Test

2. Analyzing and reporting the results of data collection studies.

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