“Study Project of Safe Shelters and Mooring Systems on Our Coasts” was Signed

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The "Study Project of Safe Shelters and Mooring Systems on Our Coasts" contract was signed between TÜSSİDE and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications on 10 February 2015, with the General Director of Shipyards and Coastal Structures Dr. Mehmet KIRDAĞLI and TÜSSİDE Director Mr. Signed by Tezer BATTAL.

In project scope; Studies will be carried out on waste management of boats using our coasts and bays, providing safe shelter and mooring services, and creating appropriate mooring systems to prevent boats from damaging the seabed by dropping anchors. Thanks to the survey studies to be carried out for the coasts of our country, safe sheltering and mooring areas and boat mooring systems will be determined and solution suggestions for the sector will be developed.

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