Capacity Building Phase of Erzurum Hinterland Red Meat Sector Cooperation Processes Analysis Project, Cooperation Processes Started

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The capacity development phase of the Erzurum Hinterland Red Meat Sector Cooperation Processes Analysis Project, carried out in cooperation with TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE and MFAL TRGM (General Directorate of Agricultural Reform), was started with cooperation processes training. In line with the project objectives, in the training and meeting held with the participation of TÜSSİDE Project team, MFAL Project team and technical committee members formed from experts from the private sector, universities and public decision makers, information was shared and evaluations were made regarding the technical issues that will be needed in the project. During the three-day training, basic concepts about sectoral strategy, cooperatives, licensed warehousing, contract production, value chain, organic agriculture, marketing, branding, geographical indication and clustering were conveyed to the participants. In addition, as a continuation of the training, sample cooperation structures (Yalova Garden - Cluster Example, Katırlı Olive Cooperative - Cooperative Example, TAT Canned Food - Contract Production Example, Marmara Birlik - Licensed Warehouse Example) were visited. The program also provides reinforcement of shared concepts and content through applied studies; Communication, motivation and team building activities were carried out to enable the teams and technical committee members to progress efficiently during the project journey. In addition, together with the technical committee and the project team, the ovine and bovine red meat value chain and its actors were defined and quantitative and qualitative criteria that could be used to determine the hinterland boundaries were determined.

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