DAP Regional Development Administration is Planning its Future with TÜSSİDE

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Institutional Analysis studies, which are the first phase within the scope of the "DAP Regional Development Administration Institutional System Structuring Project", which started on 08.05.2015 in cooperation with the Eastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration (DAP RDA) and TÜBİTAK-Turkish Industrial Management and Management Institute (TÜSSİDE), continue rapidly. It does. In order to provide input to the strategic planning studies that will shape the future of the DAP Regional Development Administration, Common Mind Platforms® (OAP), which is one of the important steps of the Institutional Analysis module, were organized.

The opinions of all stakeholders are asked "What is the current status of the DAP Regional Development Administration and where should it be located in the future?" Three of the OAPs were held in Erzurum and the fourth in Ankara, moderated by TÜSSİDE, in order to include the questions in the corporate system structuring. The workshops held in Erzurum on 10-12 June 2015 included 17 participants from NGOs, 48 participants from local governments and 29 participants from universities and development agencies, respectively. The fourth OAP® held in Ankara was carried out with the participation of 60 people from central governments. Thus, an important step was taken to include all stakeholders of the DAP Regional Development Administration in the process with their opinions, suggestions and experiences.

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