Filli Boya Science Camp 2016 has ended!

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"ASPB Filli Boya Science Camps", conducted jointly by Filli Boya, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies (ASPB) and TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE, has completed its second year. The camps, each of which included 25 students, were held in TÜSSİDE between 1-5 August and 8-12 August 2016.

This time, our students visited the National Metrology Institute and Materials Institute and carried out experiments and educational activities with their researchers. Let's Get to Know DNA, Model Airplane Making, Motion and Friction, Software, Chemistry and Battery Engine Workshops were held in TÜSSİDE. Izmit Science Center was also visited in the program.

The Science Camp Project, sponsored by Filli Boya and carried out with ASPB and TÜSSİDE, will continue in the coming years.

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