Project Closing Meeting of the Infrastructure Capacity Analysis Research Project for Increasing the Efficiency of the National Railway Network was Held

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The project closing meeting of the "Infrastructure Capacity Analysis Research Project for Increasing the Efficiency of the National Railway Network", which was started on 01.06.2021 with the General Directorate of the Republic of Turkey State Railways, was held on Monday, 28.11.2022 at the Fenerbahçe Facilities of the TCDD General Directorate.

The meeting was attended by TCDD General Manager and Chairman of the Board Hasan PEZÜK and TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE Institute Director İsmail DOĞAN, as well as Regional Managers and Heads of Departments and TCDD Teknik Mühendislik ve Müşavirlik A.Ş. Participation was achieved at the level of directors.

At the closing meeting, the Project Coordinator Yakup AS shared the results obtained as a result of the studies carried out within the scope of the project and gave an informative presentation on the contribution made.

In summary with the project;

  • The effect of modernization projects on the capacity has been updated with current load data and field studies, and the effect in particular and in general has been revealed.
  • A capacity-oriented prioritization model that can be used in the evaluation of projects has been developed.
  • A conceptual model was developed to calculate the capacities of the stations in passenger and freight transportation and a sample application was made for 5 stations.
  • Capacity utilization efficiency was analyzed with maintenance capacity allocation analysis and a relationship model was developed.
  • A dynamic ORER planning model has been developed, aiming to minimize waits.
  • A GIS-based decision support system has been created for current and future situations, in detail over capacity parameters.
  • Capacity parameters; Considering the planned YHT, HT and Modernization projects, it has been digitized, visualized and analyzed through GIS tools.
  • Existing bottlenecks and possible bottleneck points for the years 2025-2030-2035 have been put forward according to alternative scenarios.
  • Improvement suggestions were put forward for possible bottlenecks for the future, and a prioritization model was developed that evaluates the contribution of the suggestions.
  • As a result of analytical models, a capacity building 2025-2030-2035 roadmap was created, supported by expert opinion for the solution of possible bottlenecks.
  • YHT-HT calculation models have been developed that calculate the maximum number of trips that can be made and the number of sets that will be needed for the existing YHT-HT tracks and the tracks planned to be opened in the future.

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