TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism 2019-2023 Strategic Planning Project Signed

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"Strategic Planning Project" was signed between the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism (KTB) and TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE on 14 August 2018. With the project, which will last three months, the Ministry's 2019-2023 strategic road map will be prepared under the consultancy of TÜSSİDE according to the third version of the Strategic Planning Guide for Public Administrations. In this context, training and consultancy activities will be carried out for the preparation of the institutional strategic plan in order to support the institutional development of the Ministry.

In the project, with the participation of upper-middle level managers and stakeholders, the institution; The current situation of the institution will be evaluated with its internal and external stakeholders, existing documents and resources, products/services, equivalent institutions and other analyzes required within the scope of the project, and its needs will be determined through surveys, workshops and training applications. In line with the identified needs, the Ministry's Strategic Plan will be prepared to carry the institution to the desired future.

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