TR Sugar Institution was at TÜSSİDE within the scope of "Corporate Culture, Team Building Training Program"

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"Corporate Culture, Team Building Applied Training Program" was designed by TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE for the employees of the Turkish Sugar Institute. The trainings, which were carried out with adult education principles for 60 participants, were supported by indoor and outdoor workshops.

In the studies carried out in 2 groups, topics such as making a difference in corporate culture training, corporate governance, mission, vision, core values and strategy were shared. Designed with the principle of increasing solidarity and harmonious acting skills within a team rather than individuality, team outdoor workshops aimed to enable participants to discover their potential, increase their individual awareness, and improve their interpersonal communication skills while having fun. They had the opportunity to evaluate themselves and other participants' behavior and attitudes during team games through camera shots during the events.

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