3 Strategic Plan projects were carried out in TÜSSİDE in 2013.

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3 Strategic Plan projects were carried out in TÜSSİDE in 2013. Strategic Plan Consultancy and Training activities are one of TÜSSİDE's most important competencies. In this direction, TÜSSİDE has carried out many consultancy activities and provided training to public institutions, organizations and the private sector. The projects we carried out in this field in 2013 are as follows:

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TÜSSİDE uses the Corporate System Solutions model in its Strategic Plan journeys.

Analysis of current situation

  1. Current Status data and documents of the institution were collected and analyzed.
  2. Internal and External Stakeholder workshops were held and the results were reported for later analysis.
  3. Trends and developments affecting the organization were identified and analyzed.
  4. SWOT Analysis was completed, taking into account the work done in the first three items.

Strategic Modeling

Based on the results of the Current Situation Analysis, Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Objectives were determined.

Strategic Deployment

It was created by associating it with Strategic Targets, Performance Indicators, Strategies and Budget Performance Indicators.

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