A Focus Group Meeting was Held within the Scope of the Project for the Evaluation of Geothermal Resources in the KOP Region

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Within the scope of the "Geothermal Resources Evaluation Project" carried out in cooperation with the Konya Plain Project (KOP) Regional Development Administration and TÜSSİDE, a Focus Group Meeting was held in Konya with the participation of public, academy and private sector stakeholders from the provinces in the KOP Region.

Following the opening speech of President İhsan Bostancı at the meeting held at KOP Regional Development Administration on 12 November 2019, Aylin TURAÇ, one of TÜSSİDE researchers, gave information about the activities carried out in the project. At the meeting, which was held in two sessions: Agriculture and Industrial Uses Session and Tourism Session, the results of the research carried out specifically for the KOP Region by the academics working in the project were shared. The findings of the meeting, which was completed by taking participants' opinions and suggestions about the project, were reported for evaluation in the project.

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