Awareness Meetings were Held in Tokat and Giresun within the Scope of DOKAP Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Project Clustering Work Package

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Within the scope of the DOKAP Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Project cluster work package, field meetings were held with the public, private sector, non-governmental organizations and universities in Giresun, Ordu and Tokat provinces, which were evaluated to have clustering potential in the ready-made clothing/apparel sector as a result of the 3 Star Analyzes carried out on the employment and export data of the regional provinces, in July. The field work started in 2018 and was completed with interviews held in Tokat and its districts in August. The first of the Cluster Awareness Meetings organized by TÜSSİDE was held in Tokat on 21 September 2017, and the second was held in Giresun on 22 September 2017, in order to share the results obtained from field studies and research with the relevant parties in the region and to raise awareness about clustering in the region.

From regional universities and clothing/apparel, textile, fashion etc. Academicians from Vocational Schools providing education on subjects, senior managers of TSOs and OIZs in the region, provincial Directors of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in the region, officials from public institutions and organizations, especially KOSGEB Service Centers and Development Agencies, regional sector associations and entrepreneurship In the meetings attended by representatives from associations and managers of private sector companies operating in the ready-made clothing/apparel sector:

  • Presentations were made to strengthen the awareness of potential cluster actors about clustering,
  • Sample applications, success stories and experiences were shared,
  • The necessary environment was provided for potential cluster actors to get to know each other,
  • In the afternoon sessions of the meetings, the opinions and suggestions of the participants (SWOT, competitiveness, etc.) were collected for basic analyzes of the cluster through Common Mind Platforms.

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