Azerbaijani Bureaucrats at TÜBİTAK Leadership Academy

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The Leadership Academy, which was launched by TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE and Prime Ministry TİKA in 2013, will host Azerbaijani young leaders in Turkey in October, after carrying out the programs in the Republics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Kazakhstan and Tunisia.

35 middle and senior level managers from Azerbaijan are in Turkey between 04 October and 14 October 2015 to strengthen the good relations between the two countries and create a comprehensive business development network. Participants will participate in various programs in Istanbul and Ankara along with the training they will receive in Gebze.

Within the framework of the training program to be held in TÜSSİDE, which has one of the largest training complexes in Turkey, participants will receive training on topics such as Turkish Economy, Global Change Management, Regional Development from experts in the fields.

In the delegation's Ankara program, public institutions and organizations will be visited on-site. At the same time, the participating delegation attended a meeting on Turkey's Science Technology and Innovation System. Science and Technology PanelBy bringing together technology companies in Ankara, new business opportunities will be created.

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