DOKAP Region Regional Technology Transfer Center OAP® Study was Held in Giresun

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Within the scope of the DOKAP Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Project, the DOKAP Region Regional Technology Transfer Center OAP® Study was held on 22 November 2016 under the moderation of TÜSSİDE. The workshop, where the positive and negative effects of a possible Regional Technology Transfer Center to be established in the region were evaluated and location selection criteria suggestions were developed, was held at Giresun Grand Ravza Hotel, and 63 representatives from regional universities, public, private sector and relevant NGOs attended the workshop. .

In the workshop, which started with the opening speech of DOKAP Vice President Yusuf Mengi, following the information presentation about the project and regional technology transfer centers made by Serkan Atmaca on behalf of TÜSSİDE, studies were carried out to determine site selection criteria and evaluate possible opportunities and threats. The workshop ended by transferring the location criteria determined by the participants to the survey forms, prioritizing the regional provinces in line with these criteria and sharing these results with the participants. The data collected from this workshop, together with the data and information obtained from field studies, will form the input to the report to be prepared for the feasibility of establishing a regional technology transfer center in the DOKAP region.

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